What does your reflection reveal?

What does your reflection reveal?

There are times when we see parts of our character we don’t like. The moments are often fleeting, yet can be haunting.

Did I snap too harshly on the person again?

Was I too passive in the meeting as usual?

Am I too smothering to my child as my parents were to me?

Was it only about me yet again?

We worry, obsess, can’t sleep, or have dreams about this, and can even feel the part of us is right under the surface.

The symptoms are stress, anxiety, work burnout, isolation or depression. We then have to deny, rationalize or escape.

But we can change.

There needs to be a look into character, to study our contradictions, and to minimize balms of the day such as shopping, substances, tv, eating, or social media.

The combination of understanding intellectually and also acting and behaving and experiencing is what makes a person better. You study the self, identify distractions, and challenge the given.

It is a dual process: intellect plus experience.

Without it, we continue to be haunted. With a study of the self, we gain actionable insights, build real changes, and make a more fulfilling life.

When seeing your reflections, what do you do?

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