Having difficulty juggling family, relationship, and work stresses?
Not getting what you’ve worked hard to achieve?


Learn to make better choices, lessen the stresses of life, reach your goals and feel transformed.


Find better ways of relating, challenge old ways of being, and create new possibilities in your relationship.


Not getting what you’ve work hard
to achieve? Unsure why others advance
over you?


Become more resilient and grow your confidence so you can reach your goals.


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Mental Health Advisor to:

• Business & Start-Up Executives
• Legal Professionals
• Educational Leadership
• Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA

About Tom

With over 20 years of corporate experience from Wall Street to the NBA, Tom merges past work lessons with counseling insight to help professionals better manage stress, improve mood, and increase confidence.

In his work, Tom assists in pinpointing work or personal stresses, developing intelligent ways to manage the situations, and building a personalized plan so individuals can feel more in control and empower change.

Currently working with business professionals, corporations, and educational leadership in his private practice in Manhattan, Tom is also the Mental Health Advisor to the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA.

Kearns Group is a network of mental health professionals whose passion and objective is to change peoples lives. Founded by Tom Kearns, the group helps people connect with the care they need and assists individuals in constructing their personal development towards extraordinary change.