Want to feel better???

Want to feel better???

People today believe money, power, or celebrity will make them happy and that with it they will not have to worry.

We have to dispel this illusion because it does not exist.

Instead, we have to implant the idea that one can get satisfaction out of ordinary living.

But the messaging has been so indoctrinated into our culture today with promises of total happiness from the media, technology, and advertisements and self-help gurus that life can be easy and affluent and that that is supposed to make you euphoric.

We are all expecting to buy, fly, party today, and pay tomorrow with no concept of what satisfaction you can possibly get except what is an oral gratification for themselves.

This is why there is such a temptation for drugs and alcohol because they provide the feeling of what you are being promised.

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Many come to therapy to sort through this conflict. And in therapy, people can remove the stress, anxiety, and unhappiness, but only if they are also able to develop some sort of satisfaction in being of service to others or for something beyond themselves.

That is not much of a promise to spend money on therapy to teach you to enjoy ordinary living. But the combination of understanding intellectually a simple life, and also acting and behaving and experiencing something beyond yourself is what makes a person well.

Do you want to feel better???

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