The Loneliness Creep?

Work Stress Counseling Metro NYC

Its an undertow, intent and forceful. It begins with a sense of being a little deflated or down.

There can be family, friends, co-workers around, but we are out of step, feeling apart, or just not in the mood to be with others.

We go from work to home keeping more to ourselves. We watch more Netflix, drink another glass of wine, and maybe eat a little extra.

The resolutions get harder to keep up, weekends end too soon, or we’re just feeling a little more meh…

Yet, there is a need to fight the loneliness creep.

It can be work, but when the mood hits we’ve got to fight to keep the blues away.

So, reach out to a friend for lunch

Meet an old pal for a coffee

Socialize with a smoothie after exercise class

Join a cooking group

Make the therapist appointment

And when you meet, share yourself. Its not enough to just show up, have something to offer. Ask about the other. Don’t overwhelm them with you, but do open up. Let them know what keeps you up at night and ask the same of them. Have a laugh, be friendly, share a setback, and give a hug.

Friendships, connections, and the feelings of support are built. So fight your loneliness by joining with someone today.

Tom Kearns, LMSW