The Cost of Excess

The Cost of Excess

Its a world of excess, and we can’t stop it with our intellect.

When you don’t give up a certain thing, it should give you a warning that we are on a bad course.

Limit is all. Limit, limit, limit.

Somebody pays the piper if you don’t. You have to give attention to your well-being.

If you are not good to yourself, under the guise of doing good as a doctor, lawyer, business person or therapist, you end up doing the lesser good.

Further, if you reach out for something that’s not possible, in the course of it you’ll destroy everything.

With all this grandiose excessive modern living, it’s like the human life is not important.

We have joined forces of the unlimited, excessive, rather than humanity.

Get out of the excessive world. It’s no good for me or for the people involved with me. If not, I’ll be so strained I won’t have anything left to be human.

Make it concrete that you want to be human. Not excessive. You have to talk to yourself and remind yourself.

A lot of people make this mistake and pay a heavy price in staying where they are.