Telehealth Counseling: Can it help you too?

Telehealth Counseling: Can it help you too?

Is your stress leading to poor sleep or irritability?

Do you occasionally get down or short tempered?

Realize things about yourself you want to change but find hard to do?

If you don’t get ahead of your mental health care, anxiety can creep up and turn into a bigger deal. It can then easily become a strained life of distraction, hiding, or escaping.

With Telehealth Counseling, there is now a more dynamic and effective approach for change.

As a Mental Health Counselor for working professionals, I am amazed at the accessibility and efficiency of Telehealth Counseling.

People are able to identify work and personal issues more immediately, stay ahead of their stresses more flexibly, and strategically make better choices and build lasting results.

If you are….

….a banker who feels even greater pressure to perform

A startup employee whose company has pivoted yet again

See unwanted patterns in your relationships again

Or feel more isolated than ever during COVID…

…it’s time to stop going at it alone.

Get something that sparks you, or someone you care about, in a different way. A mental health approach that is convenient, effective, and helping more and more.

Reach out and connect to Telehealth Counseling…you might like the way you feel.


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Not sure why parts of your character hold you back in your work? For Stress Counseling, Kearns Group helps individuals study the gap between goals and their achievement. Through a contextual counseling we reveal the stress that gets in the way and design strategies to better reach their achievement. Conveniently located in Greenwich Village near Union Square.