Swim against the tide

Swim against the tide

You must have your own thoughts in these times.

To keep up with others becomes impossible, anxiety provoking.

We need to remind ourselves of what we have, of what makes us content.

There is a difference between having our own thoughts and judgments and not being run by them. Say, “I’ll make my own way.”

That’s why friends, connections, and joining in your way is important. You feel the bonds, they call you out on your BS, and they are a part of forging your fulfillment.

For example, detached people hang out together, all in the same position.

They need to fight the isolation, depression, rage, and learn to connect. Shed the old life and build the new.

In our changes, a lot of it gets exaggerated. It’s really about small steps and appreciation; avoid the self dramatizing.

Try to counter your imagination and challenge our hang-ups or fears and work at putting one foot in front of the other in building your contentment.

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