Start sharing; its healthy

Start sharing; its healthy

You must have your own thoughts in these times.

To keep up with others becomes impossible and anxiety provoking.

There is a need to appreciate better, build your routines, and remind yourself of what you have.

But given the uncertainty of the pandemic, a range of emotions is going to be a part of who we are.

To help, there is a need to get out your feelings, otherwise you eat yourself up and feel helpless.

If not released, you aim, wanting, and then pull back. You end up hiding or running and we know we are doing this. Curiously, if we know this about ourselves it becomes a feeling of defeat.

However, if you get your emotions out, you are usually less depressed, less saddened, and lighter.

It feels better to be able to voice your own anger, nervousness, uncertainty, and through it become less pissed off or upset.

The key is just practice affirming something. Say what you feel.

That’s why friends, connections, joining in your way, is important. Reach out via the phone, letter, FaceTime or Telehealth to fight the isolation and get out the sorrow, irritability, or lack of direction.

Because a lot of coping, it gets exaggerated. Try to avoid the self-dramatizing. Its really about small steps and appreciation. So reach out to a friend, family member, or therapist, and start sharing.

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