It only becomes a tragedy because of attitude

It only becomes a tragedy because of attitude

If you are brought up in a home where you have to go to school that teaches coding, and everyone in your class and your friends in that circle think that if you don’t get through coding and if you don’t get into an Ivy League School, and you’re just average, that this becomes in fact a tragedy.

But if you’re not brought up in that environment, who the hell cares if you pass coding?

I can apply this to so many issues people bring to me in my counseling practice. They all go back to attitudes and the imposition of expectations on the part of the parents.

And not just parents but the social group in which you live. That adds to the parental expectations and confirms that its universal.

So for the child, this becomes the whole world and that becomes the way to survive.

And that doesn’t mean you don’t try hard or strive to achieve.

But if you’re brought up in a home where nobody makes a big to-do about whether you’re powerful, or rich, or smart, or famous, then it doesn’t become a problem.

So work hard, do your best, and reach for your goals, but parents…work on the attitude.

Published By Tom Kearns, LMSW