How do you change?

How do you change?

We are at a polarized time when people on either side of the political, racial, social or any other divide, drive each other crazy.

Because one side is determined to convert the other.

What makes it more and more difficult, is the other side will not change.

So it becomes a deadlock. Like North and South Korean.

And both sides lose.

Instead, we must challenge our separateness and learn to tune in more with the other. To know how to respond to the person depending on where they are. By thinking of them first, instead of yourself.

And it is done through a sensitivity of the other. You have to get to know and join-in with the other. This is what we as people have to do better. Because working at being more in tune with the other allows us to be more thoughtful in

Arguing our point

Listening to the other

Offering support

Showing we are upset

Having a different view

Admitting a fault

Conveying our praise

Constructing a new way

There is no one answer, but if we are more aware and concerned of the other, we are more able to respond to where the person is on that day, at that time, in their hurt.

And if you work at being more attuned to the other, and fight the piece of you which is apart, you can create a different dynamic where you dont drive each other crazy or perpetuate the divides we see today. You, as the thoughtful person, adjust.

So reach out towards something in a different way that is more attentive to the other, because in the process you might find you can build something new.