Helpful resolutions for the New Year???

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In reading articles on mental health for the New Year, many had good suggestions but most were too cliche for my taste. I’ll offer my own short list:

1. Build your community. Its a tough world, don’t go through it alone.

2. Workout. It makes you feel better mentally and physically…after its done :)

3. Hand write a note. Its a lost art and those receiving love it.

4. Slow down. Speed begets speed and minimizes your intelligence. Go 65mph not 85mph. Be present and use your brain. Others will notice and so will you.

5. Invest in your mental health. Go to therapy; we all could use it. Understand yourself better. Work through situations with a helping hand so you make smarter choices and build change.

6. Check in with others. Let friends and family know you are thinking of them. Text and FaceTime help the cause.

7. Laugh. Life is serious but we better have some fun along the way.

8. Enjoy a game with friends. Might I suggests the Bucks and the Greek Freak?!!!

By Tom Kearns, LMSW