Election Anxiety??? 6 tips to help!

election anxiety

The election is near and the restlessness, jaw clenching, chest pains, sweaty hands, or sleepless nights could still be with us regardless of who we want to see in the White House.

So in an addition to leaning on your therapist to help navigate the emotional waters, here are 6 tips as the election nears and we await the results:

1. News fast

Maybe turn off the tv or unplug from your devices until after the election. If you feel an itch, limit your time so you don’t overheat the engine or throw something at the flatscreen.

2. Work out

Its healthy, keeps us distracted and away from pull of the talking heads.

3. Volunteer

November 3rd (or any other date) would be a good day to table your own needs and be of service to others in any way you can.

4. Cook a meal

A tasty way to distract from what will be a long day. Break out that sour dough or chicken piccata recipe!

5. Go to bed early

There will be so many uncertainties before, during, and after the vote. Get a good nights sleep and deal with it all in the morning.

6. Don’t be alone

Now more than ever, we’ve got to connect. FaceTime, Zoom, call or write a handwritten note to someone you miss, love or haven’t seen in a while. Safety in numbers!

Whatever the results, work on trying to skate along. Try to bring some calm to the election madness. It will help everybody if you can. It might be therapeutic to have your arguments, then leave it at that. Stakes are high but concentrate on not getting so intense.

What helps you??

*Special thanks to Sophia Kearns for her editorial assistance.