Don’t forget to laugh

Don't forget to laugh

It’s very good to have intellect as a support in life.

Smarts that you know this book, understand that concept, or can manage those problems. These capacities provide a feeling you can move in the world in this way.

But intellectualizing and conceptualizing don’t reach your feelings a great deal. And taking life too intellectually or too seriously, you can get grim. Then you set up people to be grim with you. They then add to your heaviness and negativism and worry.

Do I have the right answer? The wrong answer? What will others think?

It’s easy to worry about what is the best thing to do, but the secret is there is a different right answer for each person.

Instead, you have to work on a different attitude toward your problems.

Accept yourself for what you are and make the best with what you have.

Experience more in life, this will help you more than worry over what is the right thing to do.

And if you can think about a different attitude, let it digest in, and work at it…it can happen by itself.

It’s the combination of understanding intellectually and the acting, behaving, and experiencing that makes a person well and balanced.

It’s great to know the meaning of the problem, but if you smile a little bit more with your girlfriend, she’s probably more likely to hold your hand faster.

And she’s probably hoping that someone is going to help her lighten her own heaviness and holding her hand just might be a start!

So by doing it for her, you yourself become a lighter more enjoyable you.

Life is serious and be smart about things, but don’t get too heavy along the way and forget to laugh.